Auditions for Bah, Humbug!

Auditions for Bah, Humbug!

for children ages 9 and older and adults
October 4th - 5th, 2014

Thank you to everyone who came out this past weekend to audition for Bah, Humbug!   We are truly blessed with the amount of talent that we saw, with about 70 people over the two days. 


On Saturday, October 11th, we will have callbacks and start with the dance/movement portion of the auditions.  Please come, dressed for Movement with proper shoes (no bare/sock feet), at the time your group is called.  We will do three (3) 30 minutes sessions of dance. 

When dance is done, we will either ask you to stay to read and possibly sing, or release you to go home.   Please report to the River Room at the Phipps at the time you are called, so you have plenty of time to get settled before we call your group to dance.   Please respond to by noon on Saturday, Oct 11th.  

Burns, Quincy
Haas, Julia
Hauser, Allison
Heckmann, Emily
Koski, Sophia
Larsen, Ayla
Maalis, James
MacSwain, Adaire
Marik, Hannah
Marik, Wendy
Poling, Peyton
Rambo, Joy
Rambo, Lisa
Wright, Elsa

Allessi, Caroline
Allessi, Mary
Cernuhous, Jeff
Derrick, Heather
Hasapopoulos, Jacob
Hasapopoulos, Michaela
Hasapopoulos, Timothy
Martins, Ana
Martins, Samuel
Murray, Liam
Murray, Niamh
Snow, Alexandra
Thorpe, Cece
Thorpe, Colin Evan
Yacoub, Jordan 

Allen, Sherry
Burke, Maria
Burns, Hannah
Cook, Ella
Culver, Brody
Culver, Erin
Culver, Riley
Dress, Emily
Hatch, Emma
Holm, Kelly
Kennedy, Cierra
Peterson, Scott
Strub, Erin
Strub, Kris
Thorpe, Colin I
Townsend, Mike

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