Drawing & Painting

Watercolor Jumpstart

Instructor Lynne Baur
February 4th - March 11th, 2015

Have you always wanted to try watercolor, but been put off by its reputation for difficulty?  Did you try it and give up in frustration over streaky washes, muddy color, or overworked areas?  Watercolor can be tricky if you try to force it to behave, but it's a generous, magical medium if you are willing to accept its gifts.  The natural action of water, pigment, and paper produce a wealth of beautiful effects.  In this class we will break down the watercolor process into small steps so you can deal with one difficulty at a time.  We will first focus on gaining an understanding of the inherent behavior of the medium through practicing a variety of special watercolor techniques.  Then we'll learn how to incorporate these techniques into fresh, vibrant paintings infused with the magic of watercolor.  A recommended supply list and instructor contact information for questions will be provided to registrants prior to the course.  More information, sample class handouts and video examples of some of the class demos and exercises can be found at www.dragonflyspiritstudio.com/lesson-info/watercolor-jumpstart.

Six Wednesdays
Feb 4 - Mar 11
9 a.m. - noon
Fee: $195

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