Theater Organ

Featuring a variety of acclaimed performers on the mighty Wurlitzer theater pipe organ

The Wurlitzer console, opus 2131, is a one-of-a-kind art deco model built for the Oriental Theatre in Boston in 1930. It was donated to the center by Terry Hochmuth in 2008 in memory of Dan Stanke. The console came equipped for the organ’s new computer-based relay control system.

The center also acquired a 7-foot Wurlitzer grand piano the same year, which was then equipped with a digital MIDI-controlled player system. The piano may also be played from the organ console. Incidentally, there is only one other 7-foot Wurlitzer grand piano installed on an original Wurlitzer organ and that is in the Fisher Theatre in Detroit.

The saxophone rank was moved much closer to the swell-shade opening in the right chamber in order to be heard more prominently. The 16-foot pedal tibia pipes were moved from the right chamber to the balcony. In addition to hearing it better, the audience will also be able to feel it. The marimba harp and toy counter, or traps, have been moved to a newly-created platform above the stage.

Restoration work continues in both chambers.

The 16-rank organ installation with six tuned percussions was a gift from Hubbard Broadcasting and the Stanley Hubbard family. This organ was originally installed in the Capitol Theatre in St. Paul in 1926. It was reinstalled in the KSTP Television Studios in the Twin Cities in 1957 and then moved to the center in 1983.

Clark Wilson

Silent Comedy Film Festival
Saturday, June 6th, 7:30 pm

Short silent comedy films from the ‘20s featuring Laurel and Hardy accompanied by a “master of silent film and showman of the first order,” according to film critic Leonard Maltin.

Tickets are $23 for adults and $16 for students and youth.

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